Task 1 of the Academic Module of the IELTS Exam

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Let’s talk about task 1 of academic module of the IELTS exam. First of all, candidates tend to go into panic mode when they see graphs, pie charts and diagrams. Actually, believe it or not, task 1 is easier than task 2! With the right preparation, task 1 is a piece of cake to ace.

  1. Learn how to read and understand graphs, pie charts and diagrams.
  2. For graphs and pie-charts, the past simple tense is used and for diagrams the present continuous. So, make sure you are able to use these tenses accurately!  Know your irregular verbs in the past tense. for example, prices rose. Once you know the verbs that are used regularly, practise using them against matching graphs.
  3. When describing diagrams, use the present continuous tense and only describe what you can see. Do not draw conclusions or give extra information as to why something happens at a particular stage in the diagram.  Simply describe the process in a logical order. Big tip:  essays describing diagrams do not require a conclusion, only a final sentence as the last step in the process or what is created as a result of the process.

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